So, if Flame Princess gave Finn a hand job, would it be heat stroke?

[Podfic] HOMESTUCK: Good Korma

Title: Good Korma

Author: parsleyFeline

Reader: Kitsune Heart

Fandom: Homestuck

Pairings: Dave Strider/Curry

Rating: Explicit

Length: 9:06

Summary: In which Dave enters into amorous relations with a plate of curry.



Archive Link: Forthcoming

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oh my fucking god

This is the most horrific porn dialogue I have ever heard in my entire lifespan on this sphere careening through the infinite darkness of the universe. My soul descended into the ground and became one with the earth. I am empty now.

Oh my god.





This is filthy, and yet, not arousing in any sense of the word, save for arousing a sudden belief in demons.

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TitleGoing to your boyfriends house after finals

My father’s ex-girlfriend (from before he began seeing my mother) friended me on Facebook and she likes and comments on nearly every status I make and it’s weirding out, like, is she going to send me fucking adoption papers, next?

Sollux Captor.

Sollux Captor.

I entirely plan on reading fanfic of my work when I get published.

Commercial I need: Young girl child is watching the news. Massachusetts has just allowed same sex marriage. Scene change, she’s a few years older, watching news about the brief period where San Francisco gave out marriage licenses. The Prop 8 fiasco. She cries when it passes. Watches state by state change.

Grows up. Watches media with queer representation. Glee. Orange is the New Black. Begins going to go to her school LGBTQAA+ (honestly unsure of full acronym, now) group. Starts going to rallies. Graduates high school. Prop 8 trial begins. She cries as Judge Vaughn overturns Prop 8. She screams as the judgement is stayed.

Sits tense as the Supreme Court takes the case. Final year of college. She’s taking finals as the court keeps delaying it’s decision. Final grades. Walks at graduation. Then, the Supreme Court decision comes in. Partying, dancing, singing, she’s beautiful.

The camera angle shifts as someone kneels before her. A ring. Tears. Acceptance. A white veil and a tunnel of roses. And she comes out the end of it.

To her husband.

Text over at the end: “Changing the world won’t change who they love. But their love will change the world.”

Kids. I’m feeling good about the kids growing up, these days.

This is the only way I ship EriSol (NSFW under the cut)


Anonymous asked: Question when will we know whose accepted for the panel

I will make my first round of choices after the 31st. If there are spots left, I’ll do another round of auditions. I’ll make sure to email those not selected about a second round, so they know about it, but it will also be posted here.